In 2006 a fantastic journey began when we bought our very first Great Dane, an 8 months old fawn bitch ... unfortenately she had some issues with mentality & attacked our other dog, an older female of mixed breeds, several times - but we were in love with the breed, so when we decided she had to move we were already waiting for a brindle male dane puppy to join us. All our puppies, home bred as well as bought, are raised in our house as loving family members. We also show our dogs at dog shows.

In November 2007 we got our kennel name, Grand Royal's, recognized by the FCI. A name matching a stately, majestic breed as Great Dane, we believe.

In May 2008 we also started with white Miniature Schnauzers and has had 4 litters of white minis, but when the breed started to get some health issues we decided to stop our breeding and have no minis left since the summer of 2012.

Our philosophy in breeding is to breed typical, healthy and mentaly sound dogs. Obedience in the sense of obedience for competing is nothing we strive for with our dogs, but a good everyday obedience is a must in every breed, and especially in Great Danes since the small dane puppy soon will be a big dog with a lot of power behind. We also believe that a puppy needs a lot of free running to develop into healthy well-muscled animals, so as they can keep up their large and heavy bodies. Of course everything must be done in moderation as a little puppy should not overworke during growth periods in order to stay healthy.

We are member of the Swedish Kennel Club and follow their rules and regulations. Camilla has also completed the KC's breeders education in 2009 at Södra Älvsborg Kennel Club and the kennel is approved by the Swedish authority Länsstyrelsen.

The colors we have in Great Danes are FAWN & BRINDLE. We export on request and so far our dogs are located in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Australia, the USA and Singapore.

Please feel free to contact us in any matter!

Camilla & Johanna