K-litter / The Crysanthemum litter :: 2016-06-09 :: Great Dane      
sire: X-Foot's Trias Tyson, SE18339/2013 - brindle
dam: Euro Power Funky Lady, SE42221/2012 - brindle (IMP FINLAND)

male Grand Royal's Kingston Lonestar (brindle)
male Grand Royal's Krackerjack Triumph (brindle)
male Grand Royal's Kaptain Fireflash (brindle)
male Grand Royal's Kustom-Made Anthem (brindle)
female Grand Royal's Kittish Obsession (brindle)
female Grand Royal's Kovergirl Fantasy (brindle) - stays in kennel - living with co-owner
female Grand Royal's Kosmic Symphony (brindle)
female Grand Royal's Krystal Moonbeam (brindle)


J-litter / The Author litter :: 2016-02-05 :: Great Dane      
sire: X-Foot's Karbon Karl, SE42980/2011 - fawn
dam: Grand Royal's Famous Madame Royale, SE37019/2012, HD A/A - brindle

male Grand Royal's Jr Karl May (fawn)
male Grand Royal's Jetset Miller (fawn)
male Grand Royal's Jackpott Joyce (brindle)
female Grand Royal's Joyous Virginia Woolf (brindle)
female Grand Royal's Jazzy Pearl Buck (brindle)


I-litter / The Royal litter :: 2014-11-20 :: Great Dane      
sire: FI UCH HeJW-13 NORDJW-13 Edendane's King Of Hearts, FI43474/12, HD B/A - fawn
dam: Euro Power Funky Lady, SE42221/2012 - brindle (IMP FINLAND)

male Grand Royal's Invincible Caesar (brindle) - EXPORT AUSTRALIA, HD B/B, ED 0
male Grand Royal's Immortal Crown Prince (brindle), HD A/A, ED 0/1
male Grand Royal's Imperial Earl Of Eden (fawn) - stays in kennel - RIP January 2016 (pneumonia due to kennel cough)
male Grand Royal's Infernal Caligula (fawn) - EXPORT IRELAND
male Grand Royal's Ironclad Guthrum (fawn), HD B/B, ED 0
female Grand Royal's Iconic Princess Royal (brindle), HD A/A
female Grand Royal's Illusive Elisabeth (brindle)
female Grand Royal's Impressive Lady Grey (brindle)
female Grand Royal's Irresistible Lady Di (fawn) - EXPORT ENGLAND, HD 3/2=5, ED 0


H-litter / The Scottish litter :: 2014-04-21 :: Great Dane      
sire: Grand Royal's Frantic Voltaire, SE37016/2012, HD B/A - brindle
dam: Kemanilo Total Destiny, SE18102/2011, HD B/B - fawn (IMP SCOTLAND)

male Grand Royal's Highclass Ghillie Dhu (brindle) - EXPORT DENMARK
male Grand Royal's Haughty Captain Kid (fawn) - RIP November 2017 (bloat)
male Grand Royal's Humble Eilean Donan (fawn) - EXPORT SINGAPORE
female Grand Royal's Holy Stone Of Destiny (fawn)


G-litter / Famous battles & operations of the World War 2 litter :: 2013-04-06 :: Great Dane      
sire: VDHCH DCH SE UCH Diego La Esperanza, SE31779/2012, HD A/A - fawn (IMP GERMANY)
dam: Flyyans Anno Attilla, SE43156/2010, HD A/A - fawn

male Grand Royal's Gentle Nordwind (fawn)
male Grand Royal's Galactic Caucasus (fawn)
male Grand Royal's Golden Monte Cassino (fawn) - sold with preserved breeding rights, HD B
male Grand Royal's Godsent Bismarck (fawn) - EXPORT FINLAND HD B/B, ED 0 - RIP November 2016 (bloat)
male Grand Royal's Gentry Windsor (fawn)
male Grand Royal's Guardian Crusader (fawn) - EXPORT GERMANY, has EuDDc Breeding license, HD C
female Grand Royal's Ginger Pearl Harbor (fawn)
female Grand Royal's Gorgeous Barbarossa (fawn)
female Grand Royal's Glorious Edelweizz (fawn) - HD B
female Grand Royal's Glimmery Valkyrie (fawn) - EXPORT USA


F-litter / the French Revolution litter :: 2012-05-16 :: Great Dane      
sire: Pine Garden's Glory Gordon, S50341/2007, HD B/B - brindle
dam: Flyyans Anno Attilla, SE43156/2010, HD A/A - fawn

male Grand Royal's Fantastic La Fayette (brindle) - HD A/A, ED 0
male Grand Royal's Foppish Napoleon (brindle)
male Grand Royal's Frantic Voltaire (brindle) - stays in kennel, living with co-owner - HD B/A
female Grand Royal's Flaunty Grace Elliott (brindle) - EXPORT DENMARK
female Grand Royal's Foxy Charlotte Corday (brindle) - EXPORT AUSTRALIA - HD A/A, ED 0
female Grand Royal's Famous Madame Royale (brindle) - stays in kennel - HD A/A
female Grand Royal's Funky Claire Lacombe (fawn) - EXPORT AUSTRALIA
female Grand Royal's Fabulous Etta Palm (fawn)


E-litter / the Inventor litter :: 2011-08-18 :: Miniature Schnauzer      
sire: Osito Blanco Of Taita's Ushabti, SE12046/2011 - white (IMP GERMANY)
dam: Grand Royal's Beloved White Sigyn, S58330/2009, eye scanned CLEAR - white

male Grand Royal's Eminent White daVinci (white) - diagnosed with epilepsy in 2013
male Grand Royal's Epic White Einstein (white)
female Grand Royal's Ewe White RuthHandler (white)
female Grand Royal's Extol White MariCurie (white)


D-litter / the Amason litter :: 2011-05-06 :: Miniature Schnauzer      
sire: SE UCH Chagall's Man On A Mission, S52233/2009, eye scanned CLEAR - white
dam: Silfurskugga Eileen White Pearl, S45539/2008, eye scanned CLEAR - white

male Grand Royal's Diamond White Ares (white)
female Grand Royal's Dinky White Valasca (white)
female Grand Royal's Divine White Asteria (white)
female Grand Royal's Dazzling White Doris (white)
female Grand Royal's Daisy White Hippolyte (white)
female Grand Royal's Darling White Phoebe (white)


C-litter / the Bavaria litter :: 2010-06-04 :: Miniature Schnauzer      
sire: Land Rover Ama-Pepsi, S65605/2008, eye scanned CLEAR - white (IMP POLAND)
dam: Silfurskugga Eileen White Pearl, S45539/2008, eye scanned CLEAR - white

male Grand Royal's Cavalier White Lothar (white)
male Grand Royal's Coveted White Bavaria (white)
female Grand Royal's Cute White Edelweiss (white) - eye scanned CLEAR in Jan 2012 & April 2013
female Grand Royal's Comely White Alpenrose (white)


B-litter / the Viking litter :: 2009-08-30 :: Miniature Schnauzer      
sire: SE UCH Incognito-Bianco Of Taita's Ushabti, S11271/2009, eye scanned CLEAR - white (IMP GERMANY)
dam: Made In Spain Zoom, S54374/2005, eye scanned CLEAR - white (IMP SPAIN)

male Grand Royal’s Brilliant White Brage (white)
male Grand Royal’s Boundless White Vidar (white) - EXPORT NORWAY
female Grand Royal’s Beloved White Sigyn (white) - eye scanned CLEAR in April 2011
female Grand Royal’s Bright White Snotra (white)


A-litter / the Gothic litter :: 2009-06-26 :: Great Dane
No one from this litter was ever bred from due to DCM in the blood lines of the father. This was NOT KNOWN to us at the time of the mating.
sire: Pelle, S53492/2007, HD B, ED 0 - brindle
dam: Great Beauty Lady Di, S63243/2004, HD B/A - fawn

male Grand Royal’s Absolute Vermundo (fawn) - EXPORT NORWAY - RIP 2011 (bloat)
male Grand Royal’s Almighty Sandulf (brindle) - EXPORT NORWAY - RIP 2012 (bloat)
male Grand Royal’s Awesome Alaric (brindle) - had a complete bloat in June 2011
female Grand Royal’s Amber Aliwera (fawn) - stays in kennel - had a complete bloat in April 2011. This dog walked over the rainbow bridge ... June 2011 (dilated small intestine)
female Grand Royal’s Adorable Mathildis (brindle) - RIP August 2009 (serious infection at 7,5 weeks)
female Grand Royal’s Amazing Alodia (fawn) - RIP February 2016 (liver inflammation)
female Grand Royal’s Affable Gailavira (brindle) - EXPORT NORWAY - RIP 2013 (bloat)